2024 Olympic Games qualifiers: Black Queens' road to Paris will be daunting – Nora Hauptle

In a daunting challenge ahead, Ghana’s senior women’s national team, the Black Queens, are set to embark on a difficult journey to qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games, according to head coach Nora Hauptle.

Despite their strong desire to make history by participating in the Olympic Games for the first time since its inception, Ghana will have to overcome significant hurdles along the way.

With their sights set on the upcoming edition of the Games in Paris, Hauptle recognizes the formidable task at hand, particularly as the team faces the first-leg match against Guinea.

The outcome of this crucial encounter will determine whether they advance to face two of Africa’s representatives from the 2023 FIFA World Cup, further intensifying the challenges in their path.

Addressing the press in anticipation of Friday’s pivotal clash against Guinea, Hauptle candidly acknowledged the demanding nature of the upcoming fixtures.

“When you look at the draw, I think the first steps are very makeable,” she said.

“Somehow, we are going to face Zambia and Morocco. They are part of the World Cup which is beginning in two weeks.

“So, it will not be an easy route but am pretty convinced with the quality of players we have and a lot of matches, we have the chance to qualify.”

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