3 hacks to help you stay fresh during the Joburg water shutdown

Snow, snow everywhere — and not a drop to drink (or bath in).

With this week’s planned water shutdown, it’s safe to say Joburg surprises have reached new heights.

Not only did we experience the first snowfall in the province in about a decade, but now Rand Water has embarked on a shutdown for infrastructure maintenance.

We already have load-shedding to contend with, so adding no water to the list is exhausting.

But despite the water situation, we refuse to leave you without any ammunition or hacks to help you feel fresh and look presentable.

Just because there is no water, there’s no excuse to not keep your hygiene up to standard. Even though you won’t be able to enjoy your usual full-pressure shower and beauty routine, make sure to have these essential products in your arsenal to weather the storm.

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