5 Celebs share touching Mother’s Day messages to their moms

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It is never too early or late to share a special message or celebrate our mothers for all that they have done.

With Mother’s Day just days away, these local celebs shared their heart-warming messages to their mothers.

Kiddo CSA: Rapper and musician

The newcomer, who just released his EP Worldwide Eye, expressed that his mother helped pave the way to his success. “There’s a lot I could say about why my mother is so special but I think the biggest impact she has had on me is the way she is patient about everything,” shares Kiddo CSA.

He adds that his mom taught him how to wait for his time, and work harder without stressing too much, something which he had been struggling with. “Having her to watch out for me throughout the years practising patience in everything she did is just one of the many reasons that she is so special to me.”

Kriya Gangiah: TV and radio personality

Even though Kriya is on an adventurous trip to Morocco, she still found the time to appreciate her mom. She shared, “My mom is unbelievably caring and makes sure she takes care of everyone around her – and always with a smile on her face!”

She noted that, because she cannot be close to her mother on Mother’s Day, she will be sending something special. “It’s not always easy to be away from your parents, especially on a day like today, but doing something special despite the distance is something I think is so important.”

Carol Ofori: Radio and TV personality

Carol and her mom have a very special relationship. She is looking forward to celebrating her queen on the special day. “My mom is so special because she puts up with all my nonsense! She made me, so she kind of has to! My mom has such a big, forgiving and very giving heart and a great council spirit. She will comfort and support you which I admire so much,” explained Carol.

She expressed that her mother is unapologetic when it comes to giving advice. “Even if she knows you are going to fight with her because you don’t want her to have this opinion of something, she’s not going to not have this opinion because she’s scared of your reaction – she will always be honest, and I love that. Being honest with yourself and people is so important. She is also such a great grandmother, and my kids adore her and she spoils them and she prays for them, and I am grateful for that.”

Kim Jayde: Influencer and media personality

“My mum lives in Zimbabwe, so unfortunately we don’t get to physically be together to celebrate this day. But, I’m grateful for our relationship,” says Kim Jayde. She shared that while living in different countries has become a challenge, the distance has helped to make her and her mother incredibly close. “We talk often and share stories about life. She gives me love and support through it all.”

She added, “My mom was my first glimpse into the fabulous world of fashion. We grew up in a small town, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and her job allowed her to travel the world for work. Upon return, she’d always bring back a copy of Vogue or Harpers Bazaar and explain the brands, designer labels, fashion trends and it’s what sparked my passion for fashion.”

Martin Bester: Jacaranda FM radio personality

Although Jacaranda FM’s breakfast host Martin Bester’s mom has passed on, the impact she had on him still impacts the way he lives his life today.

He shared that he will never forget how his mother always encouraged him to express himself. “When it comes to the way I wear my hair or the clothing that I wear, she encouraged me to be more eccentric than I landed up being. It definitely gave me a sense of confidence in expressing myself and, to this day, I am incredibly grateful for that.”

Martin adds, “Sometimes she encouraged me to wear clothes that I got a lot of flak for as a kid but looking back at it now, it helped me become a lot more expressive. I am an entertainer and a performer and a presenter so it definitely helped and I appreciate that a whole lot.”

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