6 Signs you might be a Shopaholic


Shopping can be very addictive; it can also be more addictive to those who have extra coins at their disposal that they can use without breaking their bank.

This is not to say that those who rob Pete to pay Paul are exempted from this addiction.

All Women’s Talk shares the following six ways to tell that you’re a Shopaholic.

  1. You hide things that you buy – this is the biggest red flag that certifies one as a “Shopaholic”. Those who suffer from this hide and seek, usually come up with different ways to hide their purchases from either their spouses or loved ones. This is because they understand that they either, don’t need the things they keep buying or, that they cannot afford them.
  2. You can’t save – Saving in this economy can be quite tricky, as most people have just what they need to survive. In cases however, where one has extra money that can be put aside into a savings, but chooses to use it for shopping, they need to consider that they might be in the same category as those with a shopping addiction.
  3. Multiple credit cards – Having a credit card is not necessarily a bad thing, as it comes in handy in emergency situations, where cash is needed the most. Having multiple credit cards, however, is likely to leave you feeling the need to use them. Getting more than one card also gives you the buying power for all these things that you may want but not necessarily need, whereas having one that is kept for rainy days is all a person needs.
  4. Emotional Shopping – if you find yourself gravitating towards a shopping mall whenever you feel down, or when you have something that does not sit well with you, you might want to consider calling yourself a shopaholic.
  5. You have no idea where your money went – Spending money with no care of how much you’ve used, how much is left and what places you’ve spent it at, is also a red flag. All Women’s Talk adds, “If you open your closets and cupboards, and have no idea how all that stuff got in there, it may be time to start taking stock of your spending habits before you get yourself and your family into serious debt.”

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