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Frustrated with dealing with mangled hosepipes, or are your dogs chewing your expensive hoses and hose fittings? If so, then the GARDENA Pipeline range is one to consider. Water connection similar to electricity from the mains, GARDENA Pipeline can be customised to deliver water to any area of your garden.


It doesn’t take a professional to install a comprehensive watering system – just a little bit of know-how. GARDENA Pipeline system is easy to install and can deliver water to every corner of your garden.

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It consists of a series of pipes, connectors, sockets and connecting points that allow the distribution of water around a garden. Installation of the system involves an underground pipe circuit.


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The main component of the pipeline is the 25mm connecting pipe, that allows the sockets and joiners to be added. Different types of GARDENA water attachments can click into the pipeline such as sprinklers, hoses and the pipeline water tap.

A standard irrigation pipe with an outside diameter of 25mm can be used to extend the system. Different connectors like T- or L- or angled pieces can be used for changing the direction or adding a new pipe. The GARDENA system is high-quality, frost-proof and UV-resistant.



The Pipeline range consists of sets that contain all the connections and fittings to get started. Sets can be expanded for larger garden sizes and also consists of the Oscillating Sprinkler and related components.

Different attachments can be purchased separately to customise the garden application.

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Irrigation systems, when set up properly, not only save time, they save water too.

For more on the Pipeline System, click here 👉🏻  GARDENA Pipeline.

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