According to Martin Lawrence, Will Smith will return for “Bad Boys 4”

Will Smith will appear in “Bad Boys”‘ fourth installment, according to Martin Lawrence.

There have been various allegations that Will Smith’s numerous projects have been placed on hold following his infamous slap of Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Bad press for Smith has suddenly become the norm for him because he will lose a significant amount of money if he doesn’t complete any of these projects. One of them is the much awaited “Bad Boys 4” movie, which also stars Martin Lawrence.

There really wasn’t much to say about the intentions for this sequel other than the work being stopped.

Lawrence, though, vehemently refuted any claims that the movie would not be produced.

He also implied that there might be follow-up movies to the franchise in the future. This might imply that Will Smith will appear in the fourth movie.

In an interview with Ebony Magazine, Martin Lawrence avoided specifically addressing the slap in favor of discussing his career. Martin responded, “We got one more at least,” when the reporter asked him how the slap would affect the movie. Lawrence in response to the rumors:

He continued by talking about how his and Smith’s careers were impacted by the first “Bad Boys” movie. It was large. It was significant for us to unite and demonstrate our ability to deliver, attract audiences, and generate revenue at the movie office with two sitcom stars who are Black.

Since I didn’t attend college, I considered my time watching television to be my college years. With movies, I felt as though I had graduated—it was just different.

Lawrence’s mention of this signals that we will probably hear from Smith soon, even though he hasn’t yet made any sort of official statement addressing the slap.

These interviews are frequently scheduled, particularly when the stars are talking about important events like the slap.

This “Bad Boys 4” confirmation, for the time being, adds to the evidence that Will Smith is only taking a short break while he gathers his thoughts and determines the best plan of action for re-entering the public eye.

Everyone is still waiting for him to arrive there and potentially make his first public statement about what he did at the Oscars while that is going on.

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