Al Jazeera Gold Mafia documentary roll heads in Zimbabwe [video]

Heads are rolling in Zimbabwe following Al Jazeera’s release of the Gold Mafia documentary episode 2.

Zimbabwe has been spotlighted since Al Jazeera released episode 1 of the Gold Mafia documentary. The discussions have been over social networks, with pro-government ghost users on Twitter claiming nothing will happen.


On the other hand, other journalists like Hopewell Chin’ono and political activists called for action to be done. It seemed as if nothing would happen, but heads started rolling.

Despite the government not giving an official communication on the firing of several individuals, Eddie Cross gave some insights. Eddie Cross is a former member of Zimbabwe’s National Assembly, and here is what he said of the Gold Mafia following the Al Jazeera documentary.

At the centre of the Gold Mafia in Zimbabwe was the self-proclaimed prophet, Uebert Angel. Angel claimed to be the number 2 of President ED Mnangagwa as he carried out his activities.

According to Eddie Cross, Uebert Angel is stripped of his Ambassador position. He said that Angel might even face jail time as Gold Mafia heads start to roll in Zimbabwe following the Al Jazeera documentary.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Eddie Cross said:

Well, I can tell you that the so-called Pastor. The guy who claimed to be a Christian pastor was stripped of his diplomatic passport. His passport was removed, and the President stripped him of all his status. He might, in fact, face jail time,

The firing of Prophet Uebert Angel is said to be the start of the heads rolling process for all the members of the Gold Mafia, as shown by the Al Jazeera documentary.

Sources also claim that Ewan Macmillan, a prominent dealer in the gold trade, fled from Zimbabwe, fearing the consequences.

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