‘Bored’ Affleck is at it again with J.Lo and Twitter is abuzz

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are once again going viral on social media, this time after the actor was caught on video slamming the car door in his wife’s face in Santa Monica earlier this week.

  • Affleck and Lopez were spotted in Santa Monica, California wearing coordinating outfits
  • A video of the two getting in their car was shared on social media
  • Fans noticed that while Affleck opened the car door for his wife, he slammed it in her face later

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Everyone’s favourite celebrity couple, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, is making headlines again. “Bennifer” as the couple is known, was spotted in Santa Monica, California wearing matching outfits, but fans noticed that while Affleck was polite enough to open the car door for his wife, he slammed the door in her face later. Many also concluded that Afflect looked angry in the video.

The video was posted online and has since gone viral, with Twitter users speculating as to what the reason is for Affleck’s behaviour.

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“Ben Affleck slams the car door in Jennifer Lopez’s face while out running errands in a bad mood,” a Twitter user said. 

“Mans looks STRESSED: Ben Affleck‘s face says it all as he opens the car door for Jennifer Lopez!” a second one added.

“Is it a midlife crisis or stuck in bad marriage? If it’s bad marriage, I don’t want to get hitched. If it’s midlife crisis, God save us all,” another Tweep said.

“Looks like his spirit is experiencing loadshedding,” said someone else.

“He hates her,” another Twitter user asserted.

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A YouTube video of the same door-slamming incident also garnered a lot of views, and many users expressed their views about the couple in the comment section.

A YouTube user defended the couple, commenting, “If you had eyes, you would’ve seen the clear mood shift in other pics and footage of them on this same day where they were perfectly smiling and holding hands before spotting the paps.”

On the contrary, another user stated, “Ben is just looking for an excuse to be angry. He should be used to the paparazzi by now,” while a third one commented, “He is not a happy guy! That is the second time he has slammed her door! Don’t blame the Pazz! He’s miserable!”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck walk to the car. Photo: Screenshot.

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