Boss moves: DJ Tira launches his exclusive ‘content portal’

DJ Tira has recently announced the launch of a new content portal that will provide his fans with an exclusive look into his life and career.

DJ Tira launches his exclusive ‘content portal’

In a post on his Instagram timeline, DJ Tira revealed that the app for the content portal will soon be available for download. Fans can expect to gain access to a wide range of content that offers a unique and personal glimpse into DJ Tira’s world.

‘DJ Tira World’ is officially launched. We have created an exclusive content portal made just for you, where you can access all my videos, songs, social updates, gigs and competitions, all from my own portal,” he posted.

DJ Tira, a seasoned and well-respected artist in the music industry, recently received recognition for his work at the Metro FM Awards. His song Sikilidi won awards in both the Best Kwaito and Best Music Video categories. In an interview with news reporters prior to the awards ceremony, DJ Tira revealed that he used the song as an opportunity to collaborate with lesser-known artists and provide them with a platform to showcase their talents.

For the song I used artists and producers who are still up and coming and who I’ve worked with on the music. There are other vocalists featured and it’s people who never sang before, who always wanted to sing. I’m giving them an opportunity to sing. Hopefully they do well in the music industry,” he said.

DJ Tira talks about his career of 23 years

In a previous interview with journalists, DJ Tira shared insights into the factors that have contributed to the longevity and success of his music career, which has spanned over 23 years.

DJ Tira: Image source @Instagram

DJ Tira spoke candidly about the challenges and triumphs he has experienced throughout his career and the strategies he has employed to remain relevant and successful in the ever-changing music industry.

“Focus and discipline are important in the music industry and how you behave and how you treat yourself. Do you respect the industry? All those things play a role in your longevity as an artist. For me the discipline is important. The focus must always be there and also working with a lot of producers. I like to work with multiple producers as much as possible.”

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