Cast of Waterworld (1995) – Then and Now [27 Years Later]

1995’s American post-apocalyptic action movie Waterworld was one of the year’s highest grossing movies and at the time was the most expensive movie ever made.

It received a nomination for an Academy Award at the 68th event in the category of Best Sound. Since it has been 27 years, let’s look back at the movie’s stars and see what they have been doing since then.

Kevin Costner, Dennis Container and Jeanne Tripplehorn star in a turbocharged activity experience epic, unequaled in sheer energy and heart-beating tension. In this modern spine chiller, Earth is covered with water and humanity battles to get by on weather beaten boats and shoddy drifting urban communities.

Kevin Costner depicts a stray who becomes up to speed in the battle between the malicious Elder (Dennis Container) and a youngster’s mystery key to a wondrous spot called “Dryland.”

With reviving humor, notable enhancements and remarkable activity, Waterworld sets a wonderful high watermark for creative, thrill-pressed diversion.

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