Cobra 2 Sylvester Stallone | New Movie Trailer HD | 2023 | Cobra 2

Absolutely Love & Still Love Cobra. Could Never Understand Why There Was No Part 2 OR Even Possibly 3. The movies back then were GREAT, hard to find a movie like this today. ALL of the sly movies are great.

Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rambo is the most human. At present, like this, world situation, these types of films are out of context. Cinematographic art should make films that try to solve the problem of the population explosion,

global pollution, etc. Again the same story and also with almost a retired grandfather. He should be a director and give other young actors a chance.

It is time to make films with deeper contexts that have to do with the situation of humanity. Transcendental films like the Pink Floyd wall and solutions to human problems.

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