Commando (1985) Cast: Then and Now (36 Years After)

Cooke is a non-emotional person who knows no mercy and is capable of incredible cruelty. He is a mercenary who works for the dictator Arius and it’s not a problem for him to kill a person in any way he wants.

Has a good command of firearms. He was played by Bill Duke. Roles in the action movies “Predator”, “Jackson named Motor” and “Commando” brought significant popularity to Bill. He is also the recipient of the Action on Film, Black Reel and Career Achievement Awards.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as John Matrix

John Matrix was a former US Army Special Forces Colonel and is now retired. He is quite strong, he’s not afraid to work physically. John is fearless and will persevere towards his goal.

Despite his powerful and slightly frightening appearance, he is a kind person who loves his daughter and was not afraid to raise her alone, after the death of his wife during childbirth. He was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor has over 20 celebrity awards on the Walk of Fame.

Julie Hayek as Western Flight Attendant

Western Flight Attendant is well versed in her work, treats passengers with courtesy and is always happy to help them or fulfill their requests. She is presented as a pretty blonde with a warm smile who really enjoys her work.

The role was performed by Julie Hayek. Julie took part in 19 film projects from 1981 to 1999, but fame came to her only after filming in the movie “Commando” and the TV series “Hard Time on Planet Earth” (1989).

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