Connie Ferguson ‘Harriet’ and Craig Nobela ‘Nkosiyabo’ wraps The Queen with fine dance moves

Veteran actress Connie Ferguson ‘Harriet Khoza’ wraps The Queen show with some dance moves alongside fellow actor Nkosiyabo ‘Craig Nobela’. It was a wonderful evening with everyone from Ferguson films present.

It was all open, and everyone had a chance to express how much they felt about the situation. The cast members and crew all bid farewell to each other after around five years together.

What a wonderful family they had formed over the years. Indeed, everyone deserved a celebration and a grand farewell.

Like they always did during their days on The Queen, Connie Ferguson and Craig Nobela showed Mzansi that they were wrapping the show on a high note. Since Nkosiyabo joined The Queen, he had been aunt’s boy both on and off the screen.

The two had been buddies,s and had the best memories together; now they were saying goodbye to each other. Like in the old days, Nkosiyabo and his aunt had to pull off impressive dance moves that impressed fans. Indeed, this may be the last time we watch Connie dancing with Craig.

Connie Ferguson ‘Harriet’ and Craig Nobela ‘Nkosiyabo’ wraps The Queen with fantastic dance moves
Connie, Craig, Brutus ‘Themba Ndaba’, and others produced the famous Chop my money dance moved a few months ago. These actors had created a solid relationship that made them more of a family than workmates.

On Sunday, The Queen family throw an expensive all-white party as they bid farewell to each other. Producers were all there, and the caterers and the camera team were all present. A few notable absentees like Brutus and Goodness ‘Zenande Mfenyana’ have already found new jobs.

It seemed like Nkosiyabo had been teaching her aunt one last dance. They produced Amapiano’s famous moves that go by backpedalling before jumping to the front. They did well before Connie couldn’t help it anymore. She laughed, and that was the end of the show.

Mzansi reacts to Connie Ferguson and Craig Nobela’s dance moves

@siphesihlevazi The Queen Herself :heart: @Craig Nobela ♬ original sound – Siphesihle Vazi

Many fans loved to see that Connie is still happy despite wrapping up her biggest show on Ferguson films. Many noted how beautiful she had grown to be and named her the Queen.

Some fans noted how much Connie had groomed Nkosiyabo since he joined The Queen; they said she is the best mother one would ever find in the entertainment industry.

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