Crazy notions? Sorisha warns against ‘making money without effort’

South African socialite and reality TV star Sorisha Naidoo has headed online to share a stark warning with her fans and followers. Taking to her Instagram, she shared a video of herself and her billionaire husband Vivian Reddy which was made by a fake profile on TikTok. In her caption, she warned people against falling victim to scams by her imposter who claim to help people get rich quick.

She also clarified that she is not on TikTok or Facebook so fans should remain wary about fake profiles on those social media platforms.

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Sorisha Naidoo warns followers against trying to get rich quick

Real Housewives of Durban star Sorisha Naidoo lives the life of many people’s dreams. With a billionaire as a husband and money of her own, plus a beautiful family life, there is almost nothing that she wants but cannot have.

Because of this, dozens of chance takers and con artists take to social media everyday to use her name and images to try and trick people out of their cash.

Taking to Instagram, Sorisha pointed this out in a lengthy post warning people against falling for get rich quick scams.

Sorisha has warned fans against falling for scams. Image via Instagram @vivian.reddy.94

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“Hi family, as much as I love this video that has been created of Viv and I, and it is exactly how I feel about him and more, please know I would never contact you on WhatsApp to invest in anything crypto, forex or elsewhere,” wrote.

She also went on to add that she is not on Facebook or TikTok and that people should not try to get into the notion of making money without effort.

“I do not have a Tik Tok, or any Facebook page that would ask you to do that either, protect yourselves from predators and alike. Be good to yourself and keep your money safe. Do not get caught in crazy notions of making money quickly without effort,” she said.

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Also a wiz in the kitchen

The South African previously reported how she wowed her fans with her skills in the kitchen.

Taking to her favourite social media app Instagram, she shared an adorable clip of herself making some health juices with the help of her nephew.

Mzansi absolutely loved to see that someone as well off as she is preparing her own foods.

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