Durban Gen actress Thembinator wows Mzansi with her Ncebeleka dance challenge

She has the plug. Durban Gen actress Thembinator wows Mzansi with her Ncebeleka dance challenge. From Durban Gen, Sibongokuhle, better known as Thembinator,

performed the Ncebeleka dance challenge with another crew member and posted a video of it to her Tik Tok account to show fans her dance moves. Sibongokuhle demonstrated that she is quite a dancer rather than one of those well-known people who can’t dance.

The Durban Gen actress’s slick dancing skills made an impression on Mzansi. As she performed a precise dance that required one to move as though they were doing a wedding dance, her fans insisted that she outperformed the crew member who joined her.

She was flawless, and many fans praised her for having the attitude of a professional dancer. They even remarked on how incredible her dancing-related expressions were, bringing the performance to life.

Since Sibongokuhle was seen holding a script and appeared very busy, they stole time from their busy schedule to participate in the dance challenge despite being on set.

Watch the video below:

Sibongokuhle Nkosi plays a hot young paramedic who joined the crew after Bab Gumede quit his job in Durban Gen. She initially attracted much male attention.

Everyone was rushing around trying to catch her eye, especially Macgyver. She broke his heart when she revealed that she was dating someone else, but since that relationship did not last, she has been in two unlucky relationships.

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