Dwayne Johnson Had an Interesting “Mark Zuckerberg” Response to Shep Rose’s Fast and Furious Critics

If there is one moment that made Dwayne Johnson a household name in the American movie-goers’ minds, it was his role in the Fast & Furious series.

Though he had been making great strides after his Scorpion King role, he was still The Rock. But Johnson wanted to have an identity different from WWE.

Then, action movies came into his life and he hasn’t looked back since. While his first roles in comedy and adventure movies were making a little buzz, it was the action movies that made him a blockbuster actor.

After the Fast & The Furious movies, there came an enormous lot of action flicks that earned The Rock his fame as more than just a former WWE superstar.

Dwayne Johnson shut down criticism against the Fast & the Furious franchise

Johnson always defends his team. In 2019, when businessperson Shep Rose trolled the Fast & Furious franchise, which Johnson was a part of then, he had to step in and shut him up.

The Rock replied that he also doesn’t know how it gets so much money, but he knows that the Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, watches the movie. This shut up Rose, and he didn’t make another comment about The Rock’s reply.

However, he left the franchise in 2021. Recently, Johnson has let go of the action movies for a moment and focused his charisma and energy on Black Adam.

The movie is scheduled to come out on October 21st this year. Obviously, it is making a lot of buzzes and Johnson is the only one to blame. Not only is he acting in it and producing the film, but he has also taken over the marketing duties.

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