Eight year old girl from Limpopo wins international pageant in Bulgaria


Eight-year-old Ndaloenhle Sibanyoni, hailing from Steelpoort in Limpopo, has been crowned as the overall winner of the Mini Miss Planet Model Grand Prix pageant held in Bulgaria!

According to her mom, Ndaloenhle (Ndalo) has always been a little beauty queen. As a toddler, playing dress-up and prancing about in her plastic princess heels took top priority, along with her favourite pageants that would air on TV.

At only four years old, Ndalo came home from school and revealed to her mother that she would be taking part in a Valentine’s modelling competition at preschool. And so, Ndalo’s pageantry journey began…

Ndalo then went on to win multiple titles as a mini beauty queen, including Toto Miss Africa South Africa and finishing in the top three at 2021’s Junior Miss Bopedi Royalty, as well as last year’s Junior Miss United Limpopo.

Magomarele, Ndalo’s 39-year-old mother, has been at her daughter’s side every step of the way, providing the support she needs. As quoted by YOU, Magomarele says:

“There’s so much involved, and seeing that she’s very young, there are a lot of things that she can’t do on her own so I had to step up and be that support structure.”

Ndalo is crowned winner of Mini Miss Planet

Recently, the mini beauty queen traveled all the way to Bulgaria to compete in the Mini Miss Planet Model Grand Prix pageant, and was crowned the overall winner of the competition.

On her route to the crown, Ndalo also bagged the best national costume prize after winning the judging panel over in an ensemble made by South African designer, Theresa Viljoen.

As quoted by an article published by YOU online, Ndalo says:

“I’m proud of myself and excited. I feel confident about myself and this means a lot to me,”

Ndalo’s mom beams with pride, seeing years of her young daughter’s hard work paying off. She comments:

“At that pageant you got inspired to learn and you become an ambassador. It’s not just prestigious, you don’t just get the title and sit down with it, you get to work, do charity events, motivational speaking.”

The life of a beauty queen isn’t easy!

Ndalo’s weekly schedule is tight, preparing for her weekly training at the Sekhukhune Modelling and Pageantry Academy and balancing ambassador work, all while holding her straight-A grades in school at Laerskool Steelpoort Primary.

Ndalo tackles her to-do list with confidence that she is able to take it all on. She says:

“I do my homework first and then practise what I learnt at training until I feel I know it,”

This is only the beginning for Ndalo, who has her eye on the prize. Miss South Africa, Miss World and Miss Universe, watch your back. This aspiring doctor/beauty queen is coming for you!

Ndalo leaves YOU with a few pearls of wisdom from her mom:

“Kids, always listen to your parents, work hard on your studies. Books before boys because boys bring babies.”

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