Emtee responds to rumours of being broke, ‘I may not be rich, but I have racks’

Despite being in the news for his financial struggles after leaving Ambitiouz Recordz, rapper Emtee refuses to let online trolls bring him down. When one troll claimed he didn’t even have R50,000 in the bank, Emtee clapped back and stood up for himself.

In response to a troll’s comment about his finances, rapper Emtee fired back with a fierce retort. ‘Is this the part where I can show you my balance? Die broke and rested in piss,’ he said. In another tweet, Emtee made it clear that while he may not be extremely wealthy, he still has ‘racks’

Rapper Emtee is no stranger to setting the record straight. When he’s not fending off claims that he’s broke, he’s speaking out about other aspects of his life. Recently, Emtee revealed that he was snubbed by the organizers of Love & Hip Hop SA and was supposed to be on the reality show. “Mane I was supposed to be on this love n hip hop SA shit. Bang’gabhile,” he tweeted.

While some agreed with him, others said he was better off not being part of it.

“I would’ve really enjoyed that show so much, and the fact that it’s rare to see Emtee on a regular basis, this Love and Hip Hop would have make it easy. To see Emtee’s actual moves in reality, how he chills with friends and family, that would’ve been more exciting for us as fans,” replied one follower.

“Blessings in disguise. They only called washed-up rappers. None of them are relevant. They trying to revive their careers. You’re up there,” said another.

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