Fast X Filming Causes Complaints From L.A. Residents Over Dangerous Stunts

For some people, witnessing the filming of a Hollywood blockbuster is a great moment. However, it seems that action-packed shoots for the upcoming Fast X,

the penultimate installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, has caused a number of complaints from the residents of Los Angeles Angelino Heights who are planning to protest against the use of the location for its dangerous car stunts.

According to Variety, residents of the area were notified that filming will be taking place at the end of the week and will including “simulated emergency services activity, aerial photography, wetting down of the street and atmospheric smoke.”

The cause for concern from residents seems to center on their belief that the filming on the movie will lead to a number of car enthusiasts coming to the area to perform their own street races in the locations used in the movie.

According to an email cited by the report, one resident wrote to Los Angeles City Council saying:”If this film shoot is allowed to go forward in Angelino Heights, or any part of it from F10 Productions (Universal) … we will stage a huge protest and will invite many reporters and news cameras to film us protesting this film shoot all day and night.

We will hold this protest to honor the 178 people who have been killed by street racers in Los Angeles, and to shame Universal for their callous disregard for this deadly epidemic of street racing their films started and continue to promote.

The fact that these people can find the actual spot and then just go torment the people living there is irresponsible. Of course [Universal] didn’t know when they made the movie that it would be such a cultural phenomenon.”

[Disclaimer: This news has been made on the basis of information received from the website. NewsKosh does not confirm this from its side.]

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