‘Here’s to being free’: Dineo Ranaka shades Kaya FM?

South African media personality Dineo Ranaka seemingly threw shade at Kaya FM as she expressed excitement for her new gig – MacG’s Podcast and Chill via an Instagram post on Sunday 9 July.

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On Saturday 8 July, Dineo Ranaka confirmed that she was fired from Kaya FM. This came just a year after she left Metro FM. She has since revealed that she joined MacG’s Podcast and Chill which will release on Tuesday 11 July on YouTube and Spotify. In an Instagram post, Dineo toasted to being “free”, was this a jab at Kaya FM?

“I think I’m a unicorn 🦄 #DineoOnSexnStuff 🦄 A new addition to the Podcast & Chill Network. Here’s to being free 🥂Drops Tuesday 3pm YouTube x Spotify,” she wrote.

She also expressed gratitude and appreciation in another post. Take a look…

“When we are supported we soar. Behind closed doors I have such a formidable support structure. Siblings, parents, my kids, my lover, my friends. They give me wings. Spanning the size of the biggest eagle you can ever imagine. Now when I include your support…?? My God, I feel super human,” she wrote.

“Thank you for holding and keeping space for me whilst my wings were being nursed. It’s all going to be an enjoyable journey of self discovery. Researching mental health matters through conversations about sexual health and pleasure. From where I’m sitting, life looks like a vacation doing what I love and taking you with me. I love and appreciate each of you 🍬🦄🤍,” she continued.

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This comes after Dineo confirmed that she got fired from Kaya FM via an Instagram post on Saturday 8 July. Take a look…

“So, I just got FIRED from Kaya FM. Interesting season of my life. So, what’s next Dineo???” she wrote.

She also revealed that she has no regrets leaving Metro FM either.

“Haike haike haike haike haike haike haike haike haike haike haike haike haike … 💃🏽🕺🏽💃🏽🕺🏽💃🏽🕺🏽💃🏽🕺🏽 and PLEASE … DO NOT feel sorry for me 🫶🏽 and NO, I do not regret leaving Metro either 🦄,” she captioned the post.

This comes after Dineo opened up about having suicidal thoughts. She then reportedly checked into a mental health institution but later allegedly discharegd herself after confronting a health worker.

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