'I knew it would be difficult' – Capasta opens up on coaching journey

Ghanaian musician, Imurana Abdul Karim, known by his stage name Capasta Ambandi, has made an impressive transition into the world of football coaching.

Capasta has shared his remarkable journey on how he secured a coaching position with the Norwegian second division side, IK Junkeren.

The “Telemo” hitmaker revealed his motivation to pursue coaching abroad after achieving notable success in Ghana and overseas.

Determined to realize his dream, Capasta took a leap of faith and set his sights on Norway, where he believed opportunities for growth awaited him.

“I moved out of Ghana in 2020. After several trips outside, I managed to build my CV to travel anywhere I wanted to,” he told Angel TV.

“Just as it is every player’s dream to play outside, it was also my dream to coach outside. I knew it would be difficult because of where I was coming from as a black man but I was focused.

“There was a friend who said I should come to the field with him, I went there just to train them once they were 14 players. The next day it moved to 16 then 24,” he said.

He added, “After training them for one week, I travelled back to Ghana. After just three days, they called me to come back and signed the deal and become their coach.”

Capasta’s coaching journey commenced at the renowned Lizzy Sports Academy, where he was an integral member of the technical staff.

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