Jason Momoa Offers More Details on His Fast X Villain: ‘He’s Very Sadistic & Androgynous’

Jason Momoa will play a main bad guy in Fast X and is expecting to capitalize on the job, since he doesn’t get to play miscreants again and again.

Momoa found Variety during the debut of the third and last time of his Apple TV+ series See and momentarily discussed his experience playing the lowlife in Fast X.

“A great time. I become the trouble maker at long last. I’ve been the hero for some time. He’s exceptionally twisted and male/female and he’s somewhat of a peacock… He has a great deal of issues, this person. He’s certainly got some daddy issues.”

Jason Momoa’s secret lowlife stays anonymous yet will give Dom and his family a difficult stretch, as demonstrated by the set photographs. The Aquaman star recently portrayed his personality as somebody who appreciates giggling derangedly while exploding vehicles, has painted toenails, and drives a lavender vehicle. Momoa told GQ as of late:

“It’s been hard on the grounds that individuals generally believe I’m simply this man who plays [macho characters]. In any case, I need to be moved, I need a new thing. Things are changing, and, surprisingly, the reprobate jobs I’m playing currently are capricious.”

It shows up Fast X is embracing the establishment’s silly side completely, dissimilar to the past movies, which endeavored to be serious, yet likewise absurdly beyond ridiculous. Notwithstanding, the film actually has Charlize Theron’s merciless Cipher to adjust Momoa’s flighty trouble maker.

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