Jason Statham was an elite diver before he became an action movie star

Jason Statham has become one of Hollywood’s staple go-to’s with regards to activity celebrities. From his work in hit establishments like The Expendables, the Quick and Enraged films, and his forthcoming thrill ride film The Meg 2,

it might seem like Statham has forever been a cinema hard man. In any case, it would seem before he hit the jackpot, Statham was really raising a ruckus around town.

It might stun film fans to discover that before he was an entertainer, Statham was an expert jumper and, surprisingly, addressed Britain at the Republic Games back in 1990. Believe it or not,

a 23-year-old Statham carried on with a totally different existence from that of an Elite entertainer, yet he was consistently at the center of attention.

In spite of addressing his country at the Province Games, Statham sadly never came to the Olympics – a reality that he recently uncovered by means of The Metro, is a “sore point” for him.

“It’s somewhat of a sensitive point. I never got to the Olympics. I just heard they got 7,000,000 or something for the jumping each year. They merit it. The jumpers we have now are simply awesome,” he said. “I began past the point of no return. It most likely wasn’t my thing. I ought to have done an alternate game.”

While contending at the Province Games isn’t anything to scoff at, we are glad that eventually Statham occupied acting after his experience as a tip top jumper. What’s more, his abilities haven’t gone to squander all things considered.

Because of his experience as an expert swimmer, the entertainer plays out the entirety of his own tricks, which comes bounty convenient for sea-going shark battle films like the experience film The Meg.

Fans can next see Statham’s jumping abilities in The Meg 2, which sprinkles into theaters on August 2, 2023. For more establishment picks, here is our manual for Wonder Stage 5.

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