Joy Corrigan Show Off Tiny Pink String ‘Barbiecore’ Bikini – And Underb**b – On Hawaii Vacation

During a stay at the Wailea Hotel in Hawaii, Victoria’s Secret model Joy Corrigan showcased images on Instagram of herself in a seductive pink string bikini, revealing some major underb**b in a few of the photos as well.

Under the images posted, Corrigan captioned “Beach Barbicore.” The model isn’t the first to show off this recent aesthetic as multiple names have dawned the look in different outfits.

Lizzo, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have all of late sported the style on Instagram. While performing at Coachella, Conan Grey brought his version of Barbicore to the stage.

Corrigan opted to not only show off her Barbicore style, but also fashioned a pair of Quay sunglasses and a Bottega Veneta purse. The bikini is from Blackbough Swim adding a gold belly chain with flower pendants to complete the sensational ensemble. Barbicore is definitely a HOT trend at the moment as it has taken off in the past year.

The origin of the style is closely related to the hype for the upcoming 2023 release of Barbie. The Barbicore look features a vibrant pink with even more pink. This new fashion grew to become one of the most popular during the summer of 2022 In an interview earlier this year with Maxim, Corrigan explained why she likes to show off her figure.

“I love to be Sexy and I love to show skin ’cause I work out really hard to get the body that I have,” she said. She went on to say that her selfies also are to show the beauty of “what a woman can look like.”

Fans could be seen in one of the images watching on in the background. The 27-year-old model was born in North Carolina on a farm with a total of nine siblings.

When discussing her upbringing, Corrigan said, “I just knew I had to get out of that town, and as soon as I was old enough I moved. I love my family, but I realized there’s more out there.’ Corrigan noted her clothing choices were strictly controlled by her parents as a kid.

In her words, she had always wanted to “show the world I can be S’exy.” The model has worked with Victoria’s Secret, Guess and Jimmy Choo.

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