Lebo M Commemorates His 59th Birthday with a Visit to His Son’s Grave

Composer and reality TV star Lebohang “Lebo M” Morake recently celebrated his 59th birthday by first visiting the grave of his late son, Thembalethu, with whom he shared a birthday.

A Family Visit

Lebo M took to his Instagram timeline to share a photo of his wife and daughters at the gravesite. “The most beautiful moment of my day,” he wrote. “My wife Mrs M and my youngest Lett’Anle and Lulo Princess paying our respects to my late son Thembalethu (We share today our birthday). RIP SON … forever in our hearts, spirit and soul … Pops and the Tribe. Lethu would have been 21 years old today.”

Messages of Support

Lebo M’s post was met with messages of support from fans who empathized with him. “I’m sorry for your loss but so happy for you to have a loving family like this around you. Much love from Germany,” wrote one. Another added, “Thinking of you all may his spirit shine a light in your paths always.”

A Birthday Dinner

In a separate post, Lebo M shared photos from the dinner that sealed off his birthday celebrations. “It was a beautiful birthday… Mrs M, the children, and their Uncles Bruu and Tshepo dragged me out to dinner but you know brother had to close that deal… Mrs M’s look says it all. Thank you all for the kind and warm well wishes for my 59th, bless,” he wrote.

A Recent Anniversary

Lebo M and his wife, Pretty Samuels, recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. The couple took to their timelines to pen heartfelt messages to one another. “It’s our first Anniversary as husband and wife. Thank you, Pretty Samuels. I have no words. How blessed am I, beyond measure and anyone under the sun’s imagination. I love you,” Lebo M wrote in an Instagram post. Pretty responded, “Happy Anniversary my friend first, my love, lover, boss, employee, sibling, my knight in all armours. I love you.”

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