Lesego Mafokate appointed as CEO of 999 Music by father Arthur Mafokate

On the occasion of his 54th birthday, Kwaito star Arthur Mafokate has decided to pass on the legacy of his record label, 999 Music, to his son Lesego, who is 29 years old. The label has been instrumental in launching the careers of several renowned musicians, including Cici, Chomee, Kelly Khumalo, DJAJ, Afrikan Roots, Ishmael and Teekay.

Arthur Mafokate on Passing the Torch

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Arthur shared that he had been considering this move for some time. “One has always been toying around with the idea where you know it has to happen one day, but you don’t know when,” he said.

Lesego Mafokate Takes on CEO Role

Lesego will now take on the role of CEO at 999 Music, with Arthur serving as chairman and supervisor. Lesego has been a producer and DJ for several years and is excited to bring his BCom qualification in strategic management to the table.

Arthur Mafokate’s Hopes for the Future

Arthur expressed his hope that his son would do justice to the legacy of the label. “I love music, I haven’t given up on music, but I found other interests to do, which have kept me busy. Now I’ve handed it over to my son, hoping he does it justice. I wish him luck on this journey because it is tough,” he said.

Lesego Mafokate on Taking on the Challenge

Lesego acknowledged that taking on such a big role was daunting but was excited about the opportunity. “It’s overwhelming. I’ve wanted to do it from a long time ago when I was younger and thought this industry was a fun thing until I started learning about the business. I’ve always been in the background, but to come to the fore and make bigger decisions is a lot, but fortunately, he is around, so it’s not as if he won’t be there,” he said.

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