LOL! Anele Mdoda vouches for girlfriend ‘snow allowance’

Monday started off to an exciting start for many Joburgers after it started snowing in some parts. While many are complaining about the ice cold weather conditions, a lot of people have been grabbing their devices to capture themselves enjoying the rare occurrence. Local media personality Anele Mdoda is one of many who are loving the snow.

Heading online, she shared an hilarious suggestion about the snow which surprisingly, many women are agreeing with.

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Anele says ladies deserve a ‘snow allowance’ and they agree

For the first time in many years, it is snowing in Johannesburg. The rare occurrence has left many freezing cold but also super excited.

While temperatures are lower than they’ve been in a while, people couldn’t help but head outside to take snaps of themselves covered in snow and enjoying the cold treat.

Others were not brave enough to go outdoors, they have taken videos from their windows and are currently flooding the internet.

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The 947 Breakfast Club show host Anele Mdoda has decided that women should be given a girlfriend allowance just because it is snowing.

Taking to Twitter, she hilariously wrote, “Yup. Boyfriends must give us snow allowance.”

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Mzansi is in stitches

The post left people howling with laughter as they discussed whether a snow allowance should actually be a thing.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of women agreed that it is a great idea.

“Even the “reasonable man’s test” concurs. If an even is unforeseen by any reasonable man, that is a compensation event. Ayixoxisi!” one woman wrote.

Anele Mdoda says women deserve snow allowance.
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The men have however clapped back that the cold weather has “frozen their accounts” so they won’t be sending money anytime soon.

“We can’t transfer money due to frozen account,” one oke wrote.

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