Mac G’s “Podcast and Chill” hits 1 million subscribers

Mac G celebrates hitting 1 million subscribers on “Podcast and Chill”

MacGyver Mukwevho famously known as Mac G celebrates hitting 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Taking to social media on Tuesday morning, the DJ announced that Podcast and Chill has hit 1 million subscribers.

G and his co-host, Sol Phenduka have been anticipating the milestone for months and it’s exciting for them as they finally achieve their goal.

“What a time to be alive  KHEWOOOOO !!!! Thank you to every single chiller that has made this possible,” he captioned post.

On the 30th of July, there will be a concert to celebrate the milestone.

“Today is a monumental day for our Podcast! From humble beginnings in a small apartment armed with a phone and mics, we’ve hit 1 million subscribers. Grateful to the Lord and our incredible chillers who stuck by us. Join our celebration on July 30th at Sunbet Arena,” he added.

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