Media Personalities Minnie Dlamini and Boity Thulo are top earners on Instagram, yearly payouts revealed

They have the plug and the bling. Media Personalities Minnie Dlamini and Boity Thulo are top earners on Instagram. The two have recently made all sorts of headlines with their newfound fame.

They have wowed us with their lavish life of glitz and glamour. In the wake of their soft life, Mzansi has been wondering how much they earn from their gigs.

We can all agree that Minnie Dlamini and Boity Thulo have fast become one of Mzansi’s finest. They are not only one of the finest but richest celebrities in Mzansi, and they have the fortune to show for it.

The two are topping trends of late after it was revealed that they are in the top three of the highest-paid South African celebrities on Instagram.

However, the latest survey indicated that they raked millions from the social media app in 2021. Net Credit has it that Boity and Minnie were ranked second and third after Proteas cricketer AB de Villiers.

The report states that the bubbly Boity Boity earned R14.11 million, which amounts to $777 852. On the other hand, Minnie closed the year off with R10.34 million, which amounts to $567,624.

The earnings are determined with sponsored ads on their accounts. Boity boasts around 5.8 million followers, while Minnie Dlamini has 4.8 million. The two have a considerable following in South Africa and the world, contributing to their rankings.

Media Personalities Minnie Dlamini and Boity Thulo are top earners on Instagram, Mzansi puzzled
Of interest is that the social media platforms reimburse users who have over a million followers with R280 008 ($15 356) per month.

In the mix of things, Mzansi was left stunned after it was revealed that AB de Villiers is the top earner on Instagram. As of 2021, he made a staggering R26 million ($1.4 million) from his Instagram.

However, Ned Credit also revealed that Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest international earner on Instagram.

Reports have it that the talisman reportedly earned R1.6 billion ($85.22 million) in 2021. Of interest is that he has the top spot celebrity with the biggest following on the social platform, with 488 million followers.

What comes as a shocker to the world is the fact that Kylie Jenner did not make the top ten highest Instagram earners. However, this is puzzling given that she is the second most followed celebrity. According to Ned Credit, this is because of her fees per post and the number of sponsored posts she chooses to put out every year.

Many have tried connecting the dots between Boity Thulo and Minnie Dlamini’s business empires and income streams. The two are celebrated media personalities who have since switched to presenting.

They have managed to secure multi-million ambassadorial gigs with an illustrious career spanning years. On the other hand, their vast followers on social media have thrust them among some famous social media influencers.

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