Meet Thembi Seete’s baby with Collen Mashawana

Award-winning on-screen diva Thembi Seete welcomed her bundle of joy, Dakalo, in April 2018 when she was 40. Ever since the child’s inception, Thembi never revealed his face; she has kept a tight cap on Dakalo face.

However, she recently revealed his face as Dakalo celebrated her 4th birthday on 11 April 2022. Taking to Instagram, Thembi Seete shared a series of Dakalo pictures complimented by a heartfelt birthday message.

Happy Birthday to the little boy who stole my heart🙏🏾❤️Mommy loves you, my mokomosos. Oh Dakalo, God bless you🙏🏾 King🙌🏾👑

Thembi Seete getting pregnant at 40

Celebrated all-round entertainer Thembi Seete does not do things in a conventional manner or form. Having been thrust into the limelight at 17, she topped the trends when she announced her pregnancy at 40. Rumours made rounds on social media about her pregnancy, but it was not confirmed until February 2018.

Thembi Seete attended an event where she revealed that she was pregnant. She was rocking a flowing gown designed to show off her baby bump at the event. Months later, after showing off her baby bump, Thembi Seete gave birth to a baby boy Dakalo, and she confirmed the news through an Instagram post.

After Thembi gave birth to Dakalo, confirmed reports have it that Collen Mashawan was her baby daddy. Of interest is that they have been spotted together, and the rumour mill has it that they are coparenting.

Thembi Seete’s baby daddy Collen Mashawana

According to confirmed sources, Thembi Seete’s baby daddy is a Limpopo-born business tycoon Collen Mashawana. Thembi and Collen began dating shortly after Thembi Seete’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend ended.

After a lot of speculations about whether or not the two were an item, they confirmed to the world that they were dating when they were spotted together at Lebo Gunguluza’s wedding in Mauritius.

It is unknown whether the couple is still together, although according to some unverified reports, Thembi and Collen went their separate ways but are co-parenting their son Dakalo together. They both understood the concept of co-parenting and practised it well without drama.

Collen Mashawana is a famous millionaire and friend of president Cyril Ramaposha. He is the founder and executive chairman of an investment company called Afribiz Invest Pty.

Dakalo’s 4th birthday and face revealing


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A post shared by Thembi Seete 🇿🇦 (@thembiseete_)

Gomora star celebrated her son’s 4th birthday by throwing an expensive birthday bash. As they celebrated Dakalo’s birthday, Thembi also revealed her son’s face for the first time.

Dakalo’s pictures took social media by storm as he closely resembles Collen Mashawana. His face was enough evidence that he was from the Mashawana, leaving Mzani stunned.

Where does Thembi Seete stay with her baby?

Thembi Seete and her baby Dakalo stay in their beautiful home located in the beautiful suburbs of Greenstone Hill, East of Johannesburg.

In 2021, Thembi Seete parted with around R50,000 to avoid being evicted from her house. The 50K accumulated about 16 defaulted levy payments that had garnered since March 2019.

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