Musa Mthombeni eulogises his wife, Liesl Laure

Musa Mthombeni and Liesl Laurie

Musa Mthombeni showers his wife Liesl Laurie with praise on social media.

The eulogy comes days after the former Miss South Africa expressed her pain on her Instagram account.

Taking to the same media platform, the celebrity doctor utilised heart-warming words to elevate his wife.

“Liesl is literally perfect. Liesl looks like she’s been drawn. Literally a perfect work of art. Leonardo and Picasso level masterpiece. Liesl looks like a work of fiction. She isn’t real. Everything is perfect. When she smiles I forget about my problems. Liesl makes me want to ask God ukuthi “entlek bra G, why vele?” Yerrrr!!!! Liesl looks like a dream come true. Liesl looks like what it probably feels like when you win the Powerball R100 million. Liesl looks like how you feel when you pass the exam you thought you definitely failed. (Madoda score vibes). Muhle shame ugirl. I don’t want to lie,” he wrote.

Laurie expressed gratitude as Musa successfully made her day.

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