Ochocinco Refuse To Buy Newborn Baby Designer Clothes To Prove His Status: ‘We Do Target and Osh Kosh’

Chad Ochocinco Johnson and his life partner, Selling Tampa star Sharelle Rosado, invited their first youngster together last month. The pair had a child, a young lady named Serenity “Typhoon” Paula Johnson, and she has been assuming control over their online media with adorable recordings and pictures.

The month-old might have been destined to well-off guardians, yet Chad isn’t anticipating going a little overboard for his child young lady at this time.

In a new video, he let fans know that Serenity won’t have originator garments at any point shortly. Chad and Rosado invited their child, a young lady on January 2, 2022. She is Rosado’s fourth kid and Johnson’s eighth.

In a video of him lying one next to the other with his child, Chad praises her on her red outfit, saying, “you blazed out!” He then, at that point, tells his fans, “we don’t do the originator stuff for the children.

I know it’s charming. It’s a thing. It’s something social, it’s a status of opportunity. ‘goodness, I got the cash.’ no! We do OshKosh B’gosh! We do target.

” Baby Serenity is unphased by their father’s discussion and even lets out a major yawn squarely in the centre of his tirade. Mother Sharelle ventured into the remarks saying, “Ruler haha, I step away for two mins haha.”


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Fans yelled out the superstar couple for keeping it straightforward and repping more modest brands for their infants. “Target and Osh Kosh got pleasant child’s clothing,” said one fan.

One more brought up, “Osh Kosh, Target, carters, and legitimate!!! Between regurgitation, crap, and developing, they could receive three years in return.” Ochocinco isn’t the main superstar quitting overspending on their children.

Zonnique got some hotness last month after fans felt she was too b**tal while attempting to “humble” her girl. The unscripted tv star was on an IG live discussing her girl’s forthcoming 1-year birthday celebration.

At the point when fans got some information about the gifts she’d get her child, Zonnique pronounced that her girl had enough toys and was “no one unique” to merit huge loads of luxurious gifts.

She proceeded to excuse the possibility that her child ought to be ruined because she is T.I and Tiny granddaughter. She didn’t get a similar degree of help as Chad, with many asserting she was inconsiderate or malicious toward her little girl.

Zonnique later upheld her proclamation, telling fans that regardless of whether she attempted, she would not have the option to prevent her little girl from being ruined because the child gets anything she desires.

On the furthest edge of this range is Cardi B, who gets flack from individuals who think she ruined her girl to an extreme. Cardi has been blamed for being materialistic and living through her girl Kulture.

Since turning into a man, Cardi hosts tossed extravagant gatherings consistently for her little girl. One incorporated a pony-drawn carriage, character entertainers depicting Disney princesses, fish pinnacles, from there, the sky’s the limit.

Cardi is never one to mince her words and told fans they could mind their business if they tried to avoid how she is bringing up her children.

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