Olivia Culpo showcases her flawless physique while rocking a sultry sheer dress in a sizzling selfie

She has become well known for showcasing her impeccable figure in various promotional campaigns. And on Thursday, Olivia Culpo gave her 5.2 million Instagram followers a prime look at her flawless physique in a sizzling snap that was shared to her Story.

The 30-year-old fashion industry personality left little to the imagination of her fans while she posed for the picture, and she added a text graphic to describe her outfit as ‘crazy.’

Culpo rocked a light purple sheer dress that showed off her toned tummy and sculpted arms while posing for the sH๏τ.

The former Miss Universe added a bit of shine to her look with a single necklace. In the first of her pH๏τos, the fashion industry personality displayed her impeccable form while holding a bottle of what she described as ‘pure dark self tan foaming water.’

The influencer rocked a stark white strapless ʙικιɴι top and a matching bottom as she posed for the sH๏τs. She also included a before-and-after comparison to show off the effects of her tanning product.

Culpo partnered with self-tanning company Bondi Sands last year, and she has since been featured in numerous promotional pH๏τos for the brand.

The model previously sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and told the media outlet about why she chose to collaborate with the company.

During the sit-down, she stated: ‘I’ve always been a huge fan of self-tanners, so that is another huge selling point for me.’

The fashion industry figure also spoke about how she had to figure out her own preferences with regard to her usage of cosmetics. ‘I learned a lot of things about my own unique taste in beauty. I think everybody has a different formula that works for them,’ she said.

Culpo went on to note that working in the fashion world had caused her to face numerous difficulties over the years.

‘It’s been hard when you grow up in this industry — you kind of morph into this industry, you feel like you have to do everything and nothing ever really feels like enough,’ she said.

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