Olivia Culpo trolls American Airlines with VERY revealing dress and joke about ‘using overhead bins’ after being told to cover up before boarding flight to Los Cabos

She is well known for showing off her good looks on catwalks and magazine covers alike. And on Saturday, Olivia Culpo gave her Instagram followers a better look at her impeccable physique while sporting a highly revealing outfit in a trio of snaps that were taken during her getaway to Los Cabos in Mexico.

The 29-year-old influencer also wrote a message in her post’s caption that read: ‘Please use caution while using the overheard bins as items may have shifted during flight.’

Culpo donned an eye-catching beige drawstring dress that prominently displayed the sides of her body during her outing.

The former Miss Universe also rocked a matching pair of high-heeled shoes during the impromptu photoshoot.The fashion industry personality kept her belongings close with a chic brown bag.

Her beautiful brunette hair was partially held back by a headband and was tied into a tight bun.

Culpo also shared several photos videos to her Instagram Story to give her followers a better look into her time in Los Cabos.

Her first sH๏τ showed two figures relaxing in the getaway location’s tranquil and emerald-green waters. She later shared a clip of her sisters, Aurora and Sophia, dancing with each other as they traveled together on a boat.

The relatives appeared to be impressed with each other’s dancing abilities, and the influencer was seen covering her mouth at the end of the clip.

Culpo added a text graphic to her next clip that read: ‘DISCLAIMER: I do not condone their classless behavior.’

She later shared a selfie with both Sophia and her pal, Kristen Gaffney, and wrote a short message that read: ‘Love these girls so much.’

The influencer went on to share a photo with the two where they all appeared to blow kisses to each other.

Culpo’s final video showed Aurora hanging on to one of the boat’s many beams, and her friends attempted to coax her off of the railing.

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