Pastor Benjamin Dube’s snow video seen as bragging by many

Yesterday snow fall in Joburg saw a lot of people capturing moments in video recordings and photos. Reverand Benjamin Dube was among those who shared a video on his Twitter account, leaving Twitter users saying the video was more about showing off his asserts than it was about showing the snow.

The 42 seconds video starts off by showing the side of the house with a bit of the snow visible and quickly moves inside the garage where the capturer is at. Inside the garage is a Black BMW 750 Li and a Mercedes Benz E 220d. The rest of video proceeds to the front of the house to show a bit more snow.

The Elshadai Adonai singer and captioned his video:

“Snowing 🌨️.”

Twitter users rushed in to comment that the video was not about the snow, but about showing off his cars.

They commented:

Others defended the reverend reminding users that Benjamin has been a music artist for long and has made a lot of money from it.

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