Pearl Thusi is cast as lead role in Nigerian movie ‘Her Perfect Life’

Pearl Thusi, an actress and media personality, co-stars alongside Joseph Benjamin in the lead role of the Nigerian short film Her Perfect Life.

The story of the Nigerian short film centres on 39-year-old Onajide Ibrahim, who seems to have it all: a flourishing career, a prosperous little business, a loving spouse, and two brilliant and attractive children.

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Onajide is considering suicide despite her accomplishments, causing the viewer to wonder why she would wish to do so.

The film “Her Perfect Life” sheds light on Onajite Johnson Ibrahim’s hidden mental health struggles.

The actress shared Her Perfect Life’s, cover art on Instagram.

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Projects led by Pearl Thusi intended to emphasise “mental health”

A new film label founded by Nigerian media magnate Mo Abudu, stars South African actress Pearl Thusi in two films that aim to increase awareness of mental health, a subject that is typically taboo in all facets of African life.

Mo Abudu offers compelling tales in these two movies about characters who are at opposite ends of the spectrum but who are battling the same issues.

Pearl Thusi, a native South African, is a star of one of the films, Her Perfect Life.

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Thusi recently shared a sneak glimpse of the plot and what to expect from the Her Perfect Life movie on Instagram.

Thusi’s new gin brand

Thusi’s recently released gin, Black Rose X Black Pearl. Her gin has hit the market by storm not only in Nigeria but also in South Africa.

The actress was overjoyed to share the happy news with the world and did so via her Instagram page.

Questions about Thusi posting only one daughter

Since Pearl has been away from South Africa for more than two months, the celebrity resorted to Instagram to express her longing for her girls.

Nevertheless, Thusi highlighted how much she missed Thando rather than publishing photos of both of her daughters, Thandolwethu and Okuhlekonke. Following that, her followers flooded her post with an invasive query.

Why, specifically, did Pearl decide to only post Thando and leave out Okuhle or a photo of her two daughters together instead?

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Obviously, Pearl gave the issue no attention because she did not consider the queries. She has also kept the post, making it clear that she will not be questioned about her parenting style.

The challenges of parenting an adopted child have already been discussed by Pearl in an open and honest manner.

As Okuhle was adopted from a member of Thusi’s family, this is the case.

Regarding the specifics of how Okuhle came to live with them, Pearl has insisted that Okuhle should share that tale when she is ready and mature enough to do so.


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