Pictures: A look into Mome and Tol Ass Mo’s daughter’s birthday

Mome and Tol Ass Mo celebrated their daughter’s birthday in style. The couple’s daughter Teamo was turning four, and they hosted a beautiful 101 Dolmations-themed party for her.

Firstly, earlier in the day, the girl asked her mommy if she was turning 4. Secondly, Teamo has some spark; she also wants to look unique with her outfit.

The birthday girl was dressed in a cute ballerina tutu outfit. As the birthday girl, she accessorized the dress with a princess crown. Teamo had a few green braids on her hair for extra pizzazz and looked funky. Style is hereditary in this particular family.

The decor of the party

Mome and Mo went all out at the birthday party. The Dalmations party had a pink colour to go with it, unlike the traditional red. The tables and chairs were pink, and the plates had the birthday girl’s name.

The serviettes had dalmatians dots on them to fit with the theme. The tables had a few pink candles, which were still a kiddies’ party. Some flower bouquets were on the table and the backdrop.

The outdoor party looked like a piece of wonderland in the garden. Her backdrop had pink and dalmatian colours with a lot of wildflowers.

Mome wore a jungle fever two-piece set, and Mo dressed like a farmer. Later on, Teamo changed her outfit and played twins with her mom.

As the guests sang ‘ happy birthday ‘ to the little girl, Trevor Gumbi remixed the song. The perks of having a comedian, father and uncle are having a lot of random laughs around you. It was a drama-free birthday celebration, and Mome and Mo looked happy at the party.

The couple has a lot to celebrate lately. Their family is strong and united against all storms. They also grew from being celebrities to being formidable businesspeople.

Mome is slaying the entrepreneurial role with her business Mome’s Wellness. The brand is growing strand by strand.

On the 21st of October, the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary. They shared a cute video snippet from their wedding and reality show.

It seems only yesterday that they were a buzzing young couple, and now they’ve grown. Today, the couple is a powerhouse that is unshakable. No matter how much they face, they stand together, and they count their blessings.

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