Pictures: Gabriel Temudzani Discusses Departure from ‘Muvhango’ and Future Plans

Pictures: Gabriel Temudzani Discusses Departure from ‘Muvhango’ and Future Plans

Although Gabriel Temudzani’s character, the chief of Thathe, will no longer appear on the television show ‘Muvhango’, Temudzani is optimistic about his future. He is confident in his abilities and is eager to explore new opportunities.

On Monday, it was announced by ‘Muvhango’ that Temudzani’s character would be leaving the show for good after being on air for 23 years.

In an interview with journalists, Temudzani acknowledged that endings could be difficult, but he plans to use this opportunity to take a break and recharge.

“Its an emotional roller coaster. Muvhango has been my home for a long time and unfortunately we are here. Parting ways has never been kind, but it is one of those [things] I guess.

“For now I’m going take time to press the reset button and move accordingly. There are a number of things lined up. Among others, there’s travelling, making more time for my children and continue watching Muvhango from a distance without me in it and watch how things unfold. The show will remain in my heart and it will dwell there for a long time and I will always embrace and make time for it.”

Gabriel shared the highlights of playing Chief Azwindini for 23 years

“My favourite moment was when the character was fighting for justice, when the character was fighting for the family to be integrated. Another one was when he was fighting for the family shares to remain in the family. When the character was fighting for Susan to be incorporated into the family as his better half regardless of her being a commoner and luckily when the character assumed chieftaincy responsibility, I think those were compelling moments that brought about a turning point to the character that also ushered the character into colourful moments that made Azwindini to be an iconic character that he is today.

Throwback Pictures Gabriel Temudzani: Image source @Instagram

“I’m going to miss the family element, I’m going to miss the jokes we used to crack. The emotional roller coaster we would go through on the scenes and then laugh about immediately thereafter. Those are some of the things I would miss and cherish the most because when you are acting, people think you are able to disconnect immediately and it’s not like that. We are human, we become vested and emotional and start protecting the character because that’s who we are, relating with the characters to the point where you bring reality to the being of those characters.”

The actor said Muvhango and Azwindini wouldn’t be what [it] is today if it wasn’t for the viewers.

“We can say what we want, but the viewers make the show. If the viewers are not there we might as well close shop and go to our respective homes. The viewers have been a pivotal part of the work we do and the world we find ourselves in. So big up to viewers and may they continue to watch and embrace the show and see value in what the show brings to the people, especially to South Africa.

“When you watch shows like Muvhango, it’s shows that bring unity, it brings everybody on board and that gets to foster social cohesion, gets to foster unity among ourselves as South Africans who are from different tribes and I think that needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. I think Muvhango is one of those shows we need to guard and protect because it brings us hope to say, in our different existence, we coexist and that’s something to write home about.”

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