Prince Kaybee Shifts Focus from Business to Telling Authentic Stories Through Music

Music producer and DJ Prince Kaybee has announced that he is no longer interested in making music solely for commercial success. Instead, he wants to focus on telling authentic stories through his music.

Prince Kaybee’s Evolution as an Artist

As an independent artist, Prince Kaybee has become more vocal about the kind of artist he wants to be. He recently teased his next single on Twitter, which received positive feedback from his followers.

Prince Kaybee’s Response to Fan Request

When one fan asked him to add an amapiano song to his album, Prince Kaybee replied, “I’m not doing music for business anymore. I’m laying down thoughts, telling authentic stories and, most of all, loving music in its essence, not what sells the most, been there done that.”

Prince Kaybee’s Change in Musical Direction

Prince Kaybee had previously stated that he was evolving as an artist and was no longer interested in making street music. “Thank you for giving my music a chance. I’m no longer an artist for the streets. I’m in a different space, a different time, street music is loud to me now. It makes loud noise and I feel I have betrayed the people I started with, but over time an artist will change. I appreciate you being with me on this journey,” he wrote.

Prince Kaybee’s Appreciation for His Fans

In a clip, Prince Kaybee expressed his appreciation for his fans and their support for his new song “Cathedral.” “Just wanted to say I see the love, the overwhelming support for the new song titled Cathedral, I really appreciate you guys for being there for me on this new journey. It’s a new single every month, I hope you guys enjoy the music,” he said.

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