Ranking Jason Statham’s Top 5 Funniest Movie Moments

5. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: Opening Scene

Statham got to open his first-ever movie with a scene showing off his selling skills (Guy Ritchie cast him because Statham used to be an actual market seller).

Experience is one thing, though — the way he offloaded joke after joke was immediate proof that the cockney can do comedy.

4. Crank: High Voltage: Power Station Scene

When it comes to Statham’s Crank movies, the comedy is found in the absurdity of, well, literally everything. This scene in High Voltage is filled with some hilarious moments — Statham leaping through the air in slow motion is a sight — but the best part is the choice of going full kaiju, only to look like Mickey Rourke and Frankenstein banged and made a baby.

3. Spy: Rick Ford’s Bogus Adventures, Take One

No field agent quite does it like Rick Ford. Or rather, no field agent quite does it like Rick Ford thinks he does. His poison-ingesting crime ring story is a hoot, but it’s his absolute clumsiness at most everything he does that makes him an all-time favorite action comedy character.

2. Spy: The Face/Off Machine

If you don’t want to see Jason Statham in an actual Face/Off movie, you’re lying. This guy is so intense.

1. Spy: Rick Ford’s Bogus Adventures, Take Two

Coming up with the most colorful way to build a computer, Rick Ford will clearly do anything for the job — even if it’s all in his head.

It truly is a hard task deciding which of his bonkers claims are more impressive: Taking up piano at a late age, performing in a Cirque du Soleil show with two broken legs, or re-attaching his own arm.

This is why every fan of both Statham and this movie will never stop dreaming of a sequel featuring McCarthy as a take-no-prisoners field agent and her rogue partner Rick Ford who’s probably gone undercover in some Eurovision band.

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