Rubin Kazan is ready to achieve success in the upcoming season – Joel Fameyeh

After a rigorous preseason that showcased their determination and unwavering dedication, Rubin Kazan is poised to secure success in the upcoming season.

Joel Fameyeh, a key player in the team’s formidable lineup, exudes confidence as he speaks of the squad’s readiness to conquer new heights.

With their preseason now concluded, Rubin Kazan stands tall, prepared to transform their dreams of success into a stunning reality on the pitch.

Rubin Kazan beat KAMAZ 5-1, drew 1-1 with Torpedo, and lost against Krylya Sovetov 1-0.

Joel Fameyeh said that it was very important to play well in the first game of the season.

“It was a good game. Preparations are in full swing, the championship is about to start. It was very important to play a good game – and it worked out. We go from game to game, and I think with the work during the training camp we will be able to achieve a good result,” said Joel Fameyeh.

Last season, Fameyeh played in 30 matches and scored 11 goals, and assisted two. Kazan will play against Lokomotiv in their first game of the season in Moscow.

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