Selena Gomez has a New Year’s break on a yacht

30-year-old star Selena Gomez had fun with a group of close friends, including Brooklyn Beckham and her husband, on the sea of ​​Mexico on New Year’s Day.

Selena Gomez and a group of friends rented a yacht to go out in the waters of Cabo San Lucas.   Slow Down’s vocalist has a very happy and comfortable mood. She wore a high slit Bikini showing off her thigh tattoo.

The vocalist of ‘Slow Down’ has a very happy and relaxed mood. She wore a high slit ʙικιɴι showing off her thigh tattoo. The Hollywood star posed in the sea for her friend to take pictures.

On Instagram on January 2, Selena posted pH๏τos taken at the yacht, sharing the joy of having a wonderful New Year holiday with friends.

Since breaking up with Justin Bieber in 2018, Selena has remained single. She often travels with friends on holidays.

Selena is currently close with actress Nicola Peltz (right) – daughter of billionaire Nelson Peltz and wife of Brooklyn Beckham. The two beauties called each other angels, expressing their love for each other on Instagram.

They arrived in Mexico a few days ago, spent New Year’s Eve on the beach and continued to enjoy their New Year’s holiday in the tropics. Before that, Selena and Nicola spent Thanksgiving together in Miami, Florida in November.

Selena took a pH๏τo of her best friend and her husband having an affair on the yacht.The playful moment of Selena and a group of girlfriends.

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