As Gorgeous As A Melody! See Singer Madison Beer’s Most Incredible Bikini Pictures

Fans have literally watched Madison Beer grow up from young teen to gorgeous ad’ult after she broke big at the age of 13 with the single, “Melodies.” She’s blossomed into such a beauty,

turning 23 in 2022, and has a ki’ller bikini body. While Madison doesn’t show off very many swimsuit photos on her Instagram page, she does love to pair bikini t*ps with pants, shorts and other outfits for a S’exy yet casual look.

she became a viral sensation in July of that year after superstar Justin Bieber shared a video with his then-25 million Twitter followers of Madison crooning Etta James’ classic “At Last,” calling her a “future star.”

“I think that it definitely messed me up a lot especially when I was younger because in the years that I was supposed to be playing with makeup and figuring things out, people were making fun of me and saying that I looked ugly or weird or whatever.

I feel like I was never really given like a full chance to just experiment with what kind of makeup I liked or what style I was into,” she continued.

Fortunately, with age came wisdom for Madison. “I think just getting older, obviously inherently helps a lot, but I had to do a lot of inner work, to be able to stop intrusive thoughts. I understand that I was letting people’s opinions affect me,

which is human and normal and that’s totally fine,” she confessed, adding, “I don’t feel any shame for letting people affect me as a child, and even now people’s opinions still do.” Scroll down to see photos of Madison’s most beautiful bikini looks.

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