Thabo Bester allegedly threatened Dr Nandipha (Leaked audio)

Thabo Bester threatened to kill Dr Nandipha if she disobeys

Thabo Bester’s alleged conversation with  Dr Nandipha Magodumana on WhatsApp has been leaked on social media.

The leaked audio reveals how the rapist and murderer threatened Nandipha in other to work with him as regards his escape.

He threatened the doctor with her husband and children if she disobeys him.

Thabo Bester: “I am driving to Johannesburg tonight, when I get there if I call you and you don’t f*cken pick up the phone, uzosola impilo yakho,” (you’ll regret it with your life).

Nandipha: “Angi understand why you’re saying this Thabo, why are you threatening me”?

Thabo: “I don’t care if you understand or don’t understand. You’re doing your own things.”

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