The Rock Talks Buying His Mom a House and Gets TROLLED by Kevin Hart!

Because they’ve worked together for nearly a decade now, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have cultivated a rapport most on-screen duos can only hope to have.

Their friendship has also also seen Hart and Johnson hilariously rip on each other, with the press tour for their most recent collaboration, DC League of Super-Pets, being the latest example of they can throw A+ insults at each other.

While Johnson does get his digs in, Hart’s top-notch trolling and comedic timing have been unmatched. Nothing is off limits, even the fact that The Rock recently bought his mom a fully furnished home, as his co-star found a way to savagely roast him for that.

The Super-Pets co-stars got into their usual roasting banter during an interview with Extra. Kevin Hart was so tickled by the whole exchange that he posted it on his Instagram.

Of course, the interviewer was touched by the news of The Rock buying his mom a house, but the comedian couldn’t help but deflate the notion by acknowledging how long his co-star has had money:

About time. A billion dollars later, he finally bought his mom a house. Should we clap for that? I think the whole room is thinking the same thing. It’s about fucking time. ‘Hey, mom! Look what I got you. You can get out of that duplex.’

I applaud the interviewer for keeping her composure, because I don’t know if I would’ve gotten through the interview without cracking up.

On the surface, the comedian seemed to make a fair point, though Dwayne Johnson, who was laughing hard, did provide some clarification. This latest house was actually one of several homes that he’d purchased for his mom over the years following her divorce from his dad.

That’s how you get the last laugh. Of course, the fact that the two can trash talk each other like that only speaks to the sheer strength of their friendship.

I think it’s fair to say that the two have developed one of the best bromances in all of Hollywood. This is why they the pair have continued to do projects together after first starring alongside each in other in Central Intelligence.

Audiences will finally hear The Rock and Kevin Hart when DC League of Super-Pets arrives in theaters on July 29. The on-screen duo already have at least on other team-up lined up, as Jumanji 4 is currently in development.

To see what else the BFFs have coming up, just check out CinemaBlend’s schedule of upcoming movies for 2022 as well as the list of films on the docket for 2023.

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