Tom Cruise to become the first actor to shoot a movie in outer space

Tom Cruise could literally be the first civilian to perform a spacewalk. Donna Langley, Universal Pictures’ head, teased during an interview that they are in the process of contemplating the same for the new action movie with director Doug Liman.

The movie is being made on a massive budget and will be shooting scenes on the International Space Station. But, Langley said that the plan was to have Tom do the spacewalk as well.

“Tom Cruise is taking us to space. He’s taking the world into space. That’s the plan,” Langley confirmed in an interview with the BBC and added, “We have a great project in development with Tom,

that does contemplate him doing just that. Taking a rocket up to the space station and shooting and hopefully being the first civilian to do a spacewalk outside of the space station.”


Reportedly, Cruise will play the role of a down-on-his-luck guy who will encounter an unusual situation where only he could save Earth.

The team is currently working with both NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX company to ensure smooth production. This would be the first Hollywood studio to film a feature film in space.

Director Liman and Cruise have earlier collaborated on films such as “Edge of Tomorrow” (2014) and “American Made” (2017).

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