Traffic Light Theft and Vandalism in Regents Park and Elandspark

Instances of theft and vandalism targeting traffic lights in areas such as Regents Park, Elandspark, and the surrounding regions have become a concerning issue. Numerous traffic lights have fallen victim to these acts of criminality.

Ward 57 Councillor, Faeeza Chame, expressed her satisfaction with the Johannesburg Road Agency’s prompt response in addressing the problem. They have successfully replaced over 20 traffic lights within the ward, rectifying the non-functioning signals caused by vandalism and theft.

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Chame highlighted a disturbing trend in the criminals’ tactics: “A new modus operandi I’ve observed involves deliberately turning traffic lights to face the wrong direction, creating a dangerous situation to cause accidents. This level of cruelty is deeply concerning.”

The consequences of malfunctioning traffic lights are severe. Without their proper functioning, motorists are prone to causing more accidents, and pedestrians face an increased risk of being struck by vehicles. Recognising the importance of community involvement, Chame urged residents to remain vigilant and report any traffic light theft or vandalism incidents. Protecting the integrity of our infrastructure is a shared responsibility that necessitates collective action.

Together, we can combat this destructive behaviour and ensure the safety of our roads.

Source: WATCH: JRA replaces over 20 traffic lights

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Photo: Supplied by Southern Courier

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