Tyler ICU allegedly never paid “Mnike” producers


The producers for the viral song Mnike calls out Amapiano artist Tyler ICU for allegedly not paying them.

Duo Ceeka RSA and Nandipha808 claims that the Amapiano sensation has not paid them for producing the viral song, according to the South African.

According to The Yanos Magazine, Mnike made history as the fastest growing song to ever reach three million streams on Spotify South Africa, 31 days after its initial release.

Mnike has taken South Africa and the world by storm with it’s mesmerising and catchy melody. The song spawned a new dance trend and has introduced more people to the world of Amapiano.

Although the song has become quite the success, producer duo Ceeka RSA and Nandipha808 have reportedly not received a single cent for producing the hit song.

In an exclusive interview with the South African, the duo states that Tyler allegedly ignored them when they tried to reaching out

“We tried reaching out to Tyler ICU, but he mized us. He was too busy for us”, Ceeka RSA shared.

Unfortunately, there was no written agreement for Ceeka RSA and Nandipha808. The producers reportedly sent the song to Tyler ICU, who completed the song by recording vocals over it. The duo says that they trusted he would pay them for their work.

“There was no writing or any form of agreement, we just sent him the project and he recorded his vocalist on it. The song dropped and things happened fast.”

Tyler ICU has still not paid the artists, instead he posted: “I wouldn’t promote or push a song that’s not mine or not involved just saying, for future reference.”

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