Watch: Ona “Nefisa Mkhabela” from House of Zwide stuns Mzansi with her green braids

Nefisa Mkhabela, better known as Onarelona on the well-known program House of Zwide, proudly displayed green braids to her fans.

Nefisa is renowned for acting entirely out of character, but that reputation only extends to the screen. Recently, Nefisa used her Tik Tok account to demonstrate that nothing is beneath her and that she is free to act however she pleases.

Mzansi was shocked as she wore green braids, and some people were impressed by the outrageous hairstyle. Because people typically go all out for things like weaves and wearing different colours, most people were shocked, but she kept proving she wasn’t like the other celebrities.

Other fans assumed that this hairstyle was just for that, for acting purposes and nothing else, since her on-screen character is very colourful and sports outrageous hairdos, which is why she hasn’t posted anything about it to her Instagram.

Everyone knows she is one of the most sought-after women in Mzansi, so she gave men pointers on how to get her in the Tik Tok video she released while displaying her hair.

She said in the video that she prefers men who will take the initiative and say, “Let’s go here,” rather than asking her questions. She wants to arrive at the destination, knowing precisely what to expect. Nefisa seems to be someone who recognizes her value.

House Of Zwide actress Ona “Nefisa Mkhabela” slays in green braids


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Mkhabela Nefisa, a gifted and rising South African actress, is adored. She plays a vibrant Kasi fashion designer in the etv fashion drama series House of Zwide.

Thanks to her exceptional talent, the rising star actress has become one of Mzansi’s most sought-after actresses. Since the publication of House of Zwide, she has been able to convert many people to adore her.

Despite only beginning to act in 2018, her leading role in House of Zwide propelled her to fame. Ona, a South African actress, is best known for her calm kid persona.

Twenty years old, she is. Little is known about her formative years. She stays under the radar. Her family is not well-known, and she hasn’t posted anything about them on her social media pages.

Mkhabela Nefisa expressed her joy at her significant victory in the media. She got her first acting gig as Mbali in the 2018 Unmarried on 1 Magic drama.

In 2021, the actress achieved a significant victory when she was cast in the Mzansi Magic original movie Ispaza Sasekhaya. She was the project’s main player. She was offered the lead role of Ona Molapo on House of Zwide in 2021.

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