Watch: Prince Kaybee appreciates his fans

A few months ago, Prince Kaybee stated he was afraid of what the future would hold for him after he announced that he was an independent artist.

Recently, the musician took to his social media to express his gratitude to his fans who have been loyal since the beginning and are still doing so as he enters a new phase in his career and releases new songs. 

“Just wanted to say I see the love, the overwhelming support for the new song titled Cathedral, I really appreciate you guys for being there for me on this new journey. It’s a new single every month, I hope you guys enjoy the music. I’ll come on here every now and then and show my gratitude. You guys have been so good to me and my music for a very long time. I really appreciate it. I know I don’t say it enough, but you guys are in my heart. Enjoy the music,” he said in a video clip. 

On June 20, the DJ released his sixth studio album, Music Theory, and it received mixed reviews, although he also admitted that he was no longer producing music for the streets. 

“Thank you for giving my music a chance. I’m no longer an artist for the streets. I’m in a different space, a different time, street music is loud to me now. It makes loud noise and I feel I have betrayed the people I started with, but over time an artist will change. I appreciate you being with me on this journey,” he wrote on his Twitter timeline. 

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